VISY Communication is looking for talented and creative individuals to grow the company’s employee candidate pool. At this time the Programme is open to Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Brand Strategist/Manager, Web Developer/Designer, UX/UI Designer, Analytics/Insights Specialist and Content Creator/Copywriter. VISY’S Internship Programme is geared towards building connections, discovering illustrious talent and in due course hire the best candidates.


Below are the objectives of VISY’S Internship Programme:

Mentorship – VISY’S creative director is a seasoned professional in the field of design and marketing. Hence, the creative director will be available to guide and advice interns on how get the best out of the programme and the field at large.

Job experience – Interns will be tasked with hands on work that will help them to learn, grow and elevate their craft. This will provide them with a great job experience in their field.

Career direction – VISY’S Internship Programme will be a great way for interns to know which area of designing really calls to them. Giving them a point in the right direction for their future.

Bolster Resume – The best part of VISY’S Internship Programme is the upgrading of candidates resumes. Having a worthwhile and impactful experience to add to your resume is always a win.

Application requirements and process

• Cover letter
• Resume/Transcript
• Portfolio/Samples of your best works
• Must be 18-26 years old

After applying the selected candidates will be contacted via email or call with further details.

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