Unveiling Jamaica’s Next Business Horizon: The Rise of Personal Websites

In the heart of Jamaica’s corporate evolution, legacy food producers such as Grace and Lasco have not only earned a place in every household but have also seamlessly transitioned into diverse industries, notably the burgeoning realm of remittance services. Western Union and Lasco Money Alliance stand out as prime examples, showcasing the transformative power of these once modest enterprises.

Jamaica is no stranger for being on the world for its wealth opportunities, from as far back as in the 18 century, where Port Royalty held the title for being the wealthiest city in the caribbean. Additionally, in the 21st century, for being the most prosperous country in the stock market.

As a seasoned Brand Developer at Visy Communication, I’m Antoine Chung, and the recent business pivot towards digital currency has ignited my curiosity. The global shift towards digital money, accelerated by the pandemic, has seen the emergence of platforms like My Cash App, GK One, Lynk, and renowned international players such as CashApp, PayPal, and Zelle. Today, we delve into the next significant business wave in Jamaica—one that promises both innovation and financial prosperity.

While websites have been a staple since the inception of the internet, they were initially the domain of corporate giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple. However, a paradigm shift is underway, with individuals and local giants like Flow and Yello harnessing the power of websites to gain additional wealth. We can already see this from the likes of Shopify, giving individual the ability to have their own e-commerce for a monthly subscription fee.

But how are established companies riding this wave and capitalizing on your digital presence? They’re offering website platforms through subscription-based models, typically utilizing shared hosting. This approach, though seemingly cost-effective, comes with its own set of drawbacks, such as accruing substantial monthly fees and facing limitations on additional features. Access to personal data and information which companies like Facebook has sold for profit without user consent.

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